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BeeReaders' Standards-Aligned Platform

Fosters Spanish Literacy Skills

  • Aligned with TEKS (K-6) and Lexile Español (K-12).
  • Improve Spanish reading comprehension rate by 15% per year with our adaptive and gamified learning experience.
  • A flexible tool that can be used in classrooms and at home.
  • A Multicultural and Diverse Content Library of authentic Spanish short texts and books.
Using Culturally Relevant Spanish texts

Engage your dual language and bilingual students

  • BeeReaders celebrates Hispanic heritage fully, immersing students in authentic literature, rich cultural narratives, and diverse linguistic experiences that honor and elevate their roots.
  • Access differentiated instruction to effectively address individual students' needs and levels.
  • With BeeReaders, save precious time with our ready-to-use resources and access to professional development opportunities.
  • Our native Spanish-speaking Educational Success Experts are ready to welcome you and work side by side to achieve your goals.

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Discover what BeeReaders has to offer

In just 15 minutes

Accelerate your students' Spanish literacy skills and succeed in your standardized tests

  • By strengthening reading and writing in their native language, students are better prepared to tackle similar tasks in English.
  • Our personalized approach ensures students are neither bored nor overwhelmed.
  • Our continuous feedback loop ensures that students are on the right track and that any gaps are addressed.